Show your support by subscribing to KWCP


$35 per year - Youth under 18 years of age
$70 per year - 18 years and older

and you can pay by the following means:

In person
Visit the station 4521 Barrow Road, Little Rock during business hours (Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm). Pay by cash, check or money order.

By post
Post your details along with your check/money order made out to: JBNA/KWCP and mail to 8123 West 40th Street, Little Rock, AR 72204.

A KWCP Subscriber...

  • Is a member of the station and will be allowed serve on various, not all KWCP committees;
  • Helps keep independent and commercial free radio alive in Little Rock;
  • Will receive a copy of the yearly West Central Community Magazine, a KWCP Shirt or other miscellaneous items.  

Your support will...

  • Help to keep community radio stations on air;
  • Give a voice to those who are traditionally denied a place in the mainstream media;
  • Fund a radio station that has a policy of non-racist and non-sexist broadcasting and support the struggles of working people;
  • Build skills and empower disadvantaged groups with training courses and special projects.